Coal exports expose Canada's hypocrisy

There’s growing consensus among our political leaders that Canada needs to wean itself off coal-fired electricity, but if we’re so concerned about the fuel’s greenhouse gas emissions and effect on human health, why are we so keen to ship vast quantities of the stuff to Asia?
The Port of Vancouver alone handled more than 38 million metric tonnes of coal in 2014, 11.5 million tonnes of which was thermal coal — the kind burned to produce power.
Alberta’s Rachel Notley government announced a year ago that it would shut down coal-fired power plants by 2030, a decision that was recently reinforced by Justin Trudeau’s federal government, which has expanded the measure across the country, insisting plants either close or install technology that eliminates their emissions by that date.
Ontario, which took years to deliver on its vow, finally shut down its dirty coal-fired power plants a few years ago.
“Taking traditional coal power out …
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