Cities now matter in Trudeau’s Canada

One year into the mandate of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government, a new way of nation building has emerged in Ottawa that has cities taking a significant role at the federal table.
That new role is in infrastructure spending – decisions normally reserved for federal and provincial politicians.
In this new, four-legged federalism, federal, provincial, First Nations and municipalities are all at the table.
That’s because a sturdy table has four legs and Trudeau has made it a priority to add the fourth leg — cities.
One year into its mandate and the Trudeau government is still meeting and working with cities.
On Oct. 19, the federal ministers of finance, infrastructure and climate change all came for over an hour to the Big City Mayors meeting in Ottawa, to talk about how to properly roll out the second phase of federal infrastructure spending.
These are real meetings that produce results.
That’ …