Canadian man makes a living selling human and animal remains


Ben Lovatt’s morbid fascination led him to open a store in Canada that sells human and animal remains.

In Toronto, Canada, there is a store unlike any other. The SkullStore Oddity Shop, owned by Ben Lovatt, sells parts of dead humans, and people are actually buying them.One of his most popular items was a shrunken head of a child, which sold for CA$25,000 ($26,000).


A human skull for sale at SkullStore Oddity Shop.

It seems a morbid way to make a living, but Lovatt told selling human parts was originally never part of his original plan.He started out running an exotic animal rescue and wanted to preserve rare species he came across once they died. He learned taxidermy, so people could have a “trophy” with having to hunting. READ MORE:* Hundreds of human skulls sold on eBay* Trade Me’s creepiest auctions