Canadian Business Leaders Support Carbon Tax Plans »

by Mike Godfrey,, Washington
07 October 2016

A group of Canadian business leaders has signed an open letter welcoming the Government’s plan to introduce a floor price on carbon pollution.
The letter, organized by the Smart Prosperity initiative, was signed by 22 business and community leaders. It described a rising carbon price as critical to meeting Canada’s climate commitments, and said the measure will need to form part of an overall approach that includes promoting energy efficiency and clean production.
The letter stated: “Carbon pricing is the most economically effective way to reduce emissions and stimulate clean innovation, which will be critical to Canada’s success in a changing global economy. The proposed Canada-wide approach works with provinces and territories, and allows for regionally tailored paths towards a common goal. By starting slowly and ramping up over five years, it gives businesses and households time to adjust and plan for lowering their …