Canada’s focus on trade is big for small business

Andrea Stairs is managing director of eBay Canada.U.S. presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump may vehemently disagree on most key issues – immigration, economic prescriptions and who has the right temperament to be president – but one item the opponents seem to align on is trade. Throughout the campaign, both have made increasingly definitive statements against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and demonstrated strong skepticism toward the North American free-trade agreement and other international deals. Time will tell who will win the election, but one thing is certain: Come Wednesday morning, Canada’s top trade partner may want a new deal.

Similarly, it took dramatic, last-ditch efforts to save the Canada-Europe Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement from being derailed by the Wallonian Parliament in Belgium. There remains a long, bumpy road to full ratification against a backdrop of intense opposition from European anti-trade activists. CETA may be signed, but many question …
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