Canada's first female prime minister labels Trump a 'sexual predator'

Kim Campbell – the country’s former PM – warns Republican’s comments could mean troubling consequences for women across the US

Kim Campbell: ‘The giving permission of people to express the worst misogynistic attitudes is incredibly dangerous and very, very worrisome.’
Photograph: HO/AP

A Canadian politician who made history as the country’s first female prime minister has publicly voiced her concerns about Donald Trump, branding the Republican presidential nominee as a sexual predator who revels in his own inappropriate behaviour.
“He has described himself as a sexual predator,” Kim Campbell said of Trump’s 2005 leaked Access Hollywood tape. “The behaviour he has admitted to and celebrated in himself is predation.”
After taking helm of the country’s Progressive Conservative party in 1993, Campbell became Canada’s first – and to-date only – female prime minister. Her term lasted just over four months, coming to an end when her party lost the general …
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