Canada, The Kids Are Not Alright

After a detrimental history of residential schools resulting in mental, physical, spiritual and emotional damages, Canada’s aboriginal communities still struggle with education.

As of 2006, 40 per cent of aboriginals aged 20-24 hadn’t earned a high school diploma, compared with 13 per cent of non-Aboriginals.

A national panel supported by the Assembly of First Nations and the federal government has drawn attention to a lack of funding for First Nations education. In the 2012 budget, the federal government pledged $275 over three years for First Nations education, although many consider it inadequate — especially as Aboriginal Affairs’ budget is trimmed.

Some also attribute the education gap to factors such as living conditions and geographic isolation. Statistics Canada said the causes of a high aboriginal high school dropout rate are largely unresearched, but may include household income, nutrition and parents’ level of education.

Aboriginal people are more likely to feel depressed than other Canadians, due to …
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