Canada set to agree carbon price, marking climate split with Trump

By David Ljunggren

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canada’s government and 10 provinces are set to agree a national carbon price on Friday, doubling down on a bid to cut greenhouse gas emissions just weeks before avowed climate change skeptic Donald Trump becomes U.S. President.

Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the carbon price – the first of its kind in Canada – will help the country meet its targets under the 2015 Paris environmental accords and boost the Canadian clean technology sector.

The price deal is another sign of Trudeau’s alignment on climate issues with U.S. President Barack Obama, who is pressing to curb greenhouse emissions, mainly from coal-fired power plants. Trump has said he wants to help the coal industry and would pull out of the Paris agreement as it was harmful to the U.S. economy..

Canada’s government has brushed aside critics who fret the carbon deal could make …