Canada “roadkill” under Trump?

Canadians are worried about the new guy who moved in next door.
An Angus Reid public opinion poll released Friday suggests 62% of Canadians are upset with President-Elect Donald Trump’s win, in part concerned his administration will damage the strong economic relationship between the two countries. We talked with trade experts about what Canadians should expect:
Is Canada in Trump’s protectionist sites?
The straightforward answer from experts is no.
Mexico – not Canada – is the real target of Trump’s promised trade deal rewrites.
Ian Lee, associate professor at the Carleton University Sprott School of Business, said Trump will dictate to Mexico — “a poor, relatively small country, utterly dependent on the United States for trade” — what changes he wants, including a possible cap on exports to the U.S.
“And they’re going to grit their teeth and say OK,” he said.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said this week …
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