Canada belongs in Haiti


Canada is contemplating a return to “peacekeeping.”
The Justin Trudeau government’s concept of peacekeeping falls into the, “we’re not Stephen Harper’s Tories” category of avoiding expeditionary military activity, such as Afghanistan, like the plague.
There is even the thought within Trudeau’s Liberal government that “Canada-the-Peacekeeper” will get more votes when seeking a temporary seat on the UN Security Council in 2021.
But if there is some vague, amorphous concept of once-upon-a-time peacekeeping which featured the equivalent of civilians in military garb, “back to the future” will prove a bitter and possibly bloody result.
Perhaps the mental image Canadians have is of their peacekeeping role in Cyprus from 1964-1993 where 25,000 Canadian troops cycled through the island to keep the Greek and Turkish Cypriots from each other’s throats.
In that case, there was a neatly defined “Green Line” dividing the hostile communities which was largely observed, …
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