Business leaders express concern about promises in BC NDP Green agreement

On Tuesday, after releasing the details of a power-sharing agreement between the B.C. NDP and Green parties that is meant to topple the Liberal minority government, Horgan said ride hailing is coming to B.C., but he will make sure there is a level playing field for taxi companies and ride-hailing businesses.

Since the Liberals and the NDP-Greens are only separated by one seat, which party the Speaker comes from could determine who forms government.

“As the party that won the most seats in this election, the BC Liberals have a responsibility to face the Legislature as government – so BC’s future can be determined in the people’s house, not behind closed doors”.

The signing of the agreement did not stop Christy Clark from announcing Tuesday she plans to stay on as premier, and Barnett explains she will await the result in legislature before commenting further to the media.

NDP leader John Horgan and Green leader Andrew Weaver made the accord between their two parties official this afternoon.

“Weaver and Horgan announced they have reached a four-year Confidence and Supply Agreement that provides a path to forming a new government”.

The Greens were wooed by both sides for two heady weeks before pitching their lot with the NDP, which agreed to take up issues they have in common in return for the support.

The NDP-Green agreement proposed a slate of policies created to make life more affordable for British Columbians and to tackle poverty.

“B.C. Greens will support a new B.C. New Democrat government that works for people”.

Under the informal conventions of Canadian parliamentary democracy, Clark remains premier until she has lost the confidence of the legislature. The bottom line is, as the representative for Fraser-Nicola, I’ll go to Victoria, we’ll do the work, and we’ll work with whatever is in place.

The Greens and NDP agree on issues including electoral reform and banning corporate and union donations from politics but others will require compromise.

“We can probably guarantee that [the Speech from the Throne] – and [Clark] even said that – that it’s not going to be passed in the house”, said Conroy.

But Letnick said it appears clear what he called a “coalition” between the NDP and the B.C. Greens will defeat the Liberal minority government at the first opportunity. Notley’s New Democrats gained intervener status in the matter earlier this month, allowing it to advocate on behalf of the province against any lawsuits filed against the project, an ability Notley said would be exercised if British Columbia is in a fighting mood.

One that we think will conclude shortly, given today’s announcement, with Christy Clark and her party ousted from power in favour of an NDP/Green Party combination.

She spoke at the same time the B.C. legislative press gallery was in a lock-up to look at the deal inked between the NDP and Greens.

The Site C dam construction project will be referred to the B.C. Utilities Commission for review.

The pipeline project has already earned approval from the National Energy Board, the federal government, and the province of B.C. Trudeau said the $7.4-billion project will benefit all of Canada and noted, “Regardless of a change in government in B.C. or anywhere, the facts and evidence do not change”.