Business a.m.: Deloitte says Canadian businesses lack courage, Magna and TransCanada keep growing

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Here’s our look at the big stories this morning on the business beat:
No guts no glory: Canadian consulting and financial-advisory firm Deloitte says most Canadian businesses — nearly 90 per cent — lack courage, and the country’s economy is suffering as a result. In a research report released Monday called The Future Belongs To The Bold, the company says courageous businesses outperform their peers. They experience greater revenue growth and they create more jobs. But only one in 10 Canadian firms can be considered truly courageous.  “Courageous businesses are the high-flyers propelling the Canadian economy forward. When they reach peak performance, we all benefit. But if we truly want to succeed as a nation, we need more business leaders to be bold and test the limits of what they think is possible,” …