Bland: Trudeau cannot continue the neglect of Canada's military

The government of Canada has a duty to provide to citizens a comprehensive explanation of its national defence policies. After more than a year in office, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has yet to reveal his defence policy and its supporting multi-billion-dollar budget.
In April, the prime minister launched public consultations on security challenges, the role of the military in facing “current threats and challenges,” and what resources might be necessary to carry out its mandate – oddly, without defining what that mandate might be.
These consultations attracted 4,700 Canadians to public meetings and produced 20,200 “submissions.” The review ended in July and its conclusions were apparently presented to cabinet in October, but they have been withheld from the public. Indeed, Trudeau seems to have decided not to present a national defence policy to Parliament until sometime in mid-2017 or later.
Defence policy or not, the Liberal government, among other fundamental defence policy decisions, …
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