Amazon Prime video streaming expected to launch in Canada Dec. 1: Bell Media exec Inc. remains tight-lipped about its plans to launch its video streaming service in Canada, but local players anticipate the deep-pocketed competitor will enter the market by the end of the week.
Bell Media President Mary Ann Turcke told regulators at a broadcast licence renewal hearing in Ottawa on Tuesday that she expects her company’s video streaming service, CraveTV, will have to compete against Amazon Prime Video as of Thursday.
“Now, a new global OTT (over-the-top) competitor – Amazon Prime – is entering the Canadian market in two days,” she said in her opening remarks to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. 
“So it’s not just our fellow Canadian broadcasters who will try to outbid us for the first run, original programming but it’s Netflix and now Amazon, two entities that are not subject to the same regulatory requirements as us and that have astronomically more buying power …