Abbott joins call for ban on political donations from unions and corporations

Former PM says ‘we need to look long and hard at donations to real people on the electoral roll’

Tony Abbott says there should be ‘near-to-real-time’ disclosure of political donations to ensure full transparency and prevent ‘influence buying’.
Photograph: Rashida Yosufzai/AAP

Tony Abbott has joined Malcolm Turnbull and a growing chorus of Liberals calling for only individuals to be allowed to donate to political parties, in effect banning union, foreign and corporate donations.
Labor backs a ban on foreign donations but opposes a ban on union and corporate donations which shadow attorney general, Mark Dreyfus, has warned the high court has already found is unconstitutional.
The Coalition is now seeking to widen the reform conversation to include spending on political campaigns by third-party entities, including unions and GetUp.
According to a Fairfax media report, Abbott has said: “We need to look long and hard at restricting donations to real …
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