A U.S. election campaign like no other: Pundits

Donald Trump didn’t just ignore the political playbook.
He burned it.
The Toronto Sun asked two of the most seasoned and well-known campaigners in Canada — Conservative John Capobianco and Liberal Warren Kinsella — about the U.S. election battle:
•Is this U.S. election as anomaly or a game changer for how elections are run?
“This is an election without precedent. Trump will lose, but he has changed politics. Everyone — me included — said he couldn’t win the GOP nomination, and he did. Everyone said (anyone accused of being) a racist, sexist dirty old man couldn’t be a viable national candidate — but he was. Trump has turned the political conventional wisdom upside down, and you can probably expect to see other candidates aping him in the future. That’s not good, but it’s a fact.”
“This U.S. election is like none I have seen before …
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