5 reasons to flee the U.S. for Canada (that have nothing to do with a Trump win)


As Republican nominee Donald Trump climbs in the polls in the final days of the U.S. presidential election campaign, pledging to “Make America Great Again,” there’s a slew of public figures who have made quite a different pledge. Actors Bryan Cranston, Neve Campbell, Lena Dunham and even comedian Chelsea Handler have threatened to cross the border if Trump becomes U.S. President when Americans go to the polls on Nov. 8. They’re not the first people to threaten to move north of the border. Tens of thousands of Americans are right behind them. Earlier this year just after Trump’s success on Super Tuesday, searches for the phrase “Move to Canada” spiked on Google

GOOG, -1.90%

and were higher than any time in Google history. Regardless of what you think of the chances that the billionaire real-estate mogul and reality-television star or the former Secretary of State …