Blackhawks' Corey Crawford relishes chance to suit up for Team Canada

Corey Crawford is learning quickly that there are no breaks when you’re a goaltender for Team Canada, especially not during one of the team’s practices.When might you take a little breather as a goaltender? When Sidney Crosby or Steven Stamkos is coming down during a 2-on-1? When Jonathan Toews has a breakaway? When Drew Doughty is preparing to unload a rocket slap shot from the circle?

The better question might be — who’s the hardest to face?”All of them,” Crawford said with a laugh. “It’s pretty tough. … We’ve done a lot of system stuff so far, but still it’s great to be on the ice with that much talent and skill.”

Crawford is relishing the chance to play for Team Canada for the first time since becoming the Hawks’ starting goaltender in the 2010-11 season and winning two Stanley Cups.It has been an uphill climb for Crawford to …

Albas: Troubling signs for Canadian economy

Local MP Dan Albas.— image credit: Contributed

Recently Statistics Canada released the GDP, income and expenditure report for Canada’s second quarter revealing some troubling indicators.
Real GDP growth decreased .4% and while that may not seem like a significant drop, it is the largest quarterly decline since 2009.
Another area of concern is business investment that has continued to decline for the last several quarters.  Looking at the numbers from a sector by sector perspective construction has declined while the public sector has increased in size.
Fortunately there are some promising indicators with some growth in manufacturing output along with an increase in mining along with oil and gas extraction.
For many of these reason the Bank of Canada announced the key interest rate will remain at .5% with a forecast for increased GDP growth in the next fiscal quarter.
I mention some of Canada’s fiscal indicators in this week’s …

Canadians favour screening immigrant values, poll shows

OTTAWA — Two-thirds of Canadians want prospective immigrants to be screened for “anti-Canadian” values, a new poll reveals, lending support to an idea that is stirring controversy in political circles.

Conservative MP Kellie Leitch, a candidate in her party’s leadership contest, has floated the idea of screening newcomers for their attitudes on intolerance toward other religions, cultures and sexual orientations and reluctance to embrace Canadian freedoms.

A new Forum Research Inc. poll for the Toronto Star shows that Leitch may be tapping into an idea that Canadians favour with 67 per cent saying immigrants should indeed be screened for “anti-Canadian values.”

More importantly for Leitch, the poll shows that the idea is especially popular among Conservative supporters with 87 per cent backing the idea and just eight per cent opposed compared to 57 per cent support among Liberals and 59 per cent for New Democrat voters.

That’s certain to be the reason that Leitch (Simcoe-Grey) …

Sanctions busters are bad for business

Michael Byers holds the Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law at the University of British Columbia.Guerman Goutorov could spend a decade in jail. His privately held company, Streit Group, is alleged to have violated United Nations arms embargoes in Libya and Sudan – violations that, if proven, would constitute crimes under Canadian law.

Mr. Goutorov is a former Russian police officer who immigrated to Canada around the time the Soviet Union collapsed. In 1992, he started a small business in the garage of his Toronto home, retrofitting off-the-shelf cars and trucks with bulletproof glass and armoured plating. Today, Streit Group has plants in Canada, India, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United States. It sells thousands of retrofitted vehicles each year, ranging from bulletproofed limousines to six-wheeled trucks able to withstand land mines.Although Streit Group is divided into subsidiaries, Mr. Goutorov retains …

Canada names a new leader

Well the search for a new leader for Intel Canada did not take long at all. And, the man hired to replace Graham Palmer wasnt too far either.
The chip making giant has promoted Denis Gaudreault to the role of Country Manager. Gaudreault was based in Montreal and has been working for Intel Canada for 16 years.
He was recently the worldwide director of government and education vertical team. In this role, Gaudreault was responsible for managing the Canadian government and large enterprise businesses in the country.
Prior to that, Gaudreault lead the US Federal business.
The Montreal University graduate is planning on relocating to Toronto for this new opportunity.
As previously reported Intel Canada country manager Graham Palmer is leaving the Canadian market after three-and-half years on the job.
CDN learned from sources that Palmer is heading back to the U.K. and will stay with Intel in another role.

Why you could be singled out for the pot-smoking question at the U.S. border

If simply telling a U.S. border guard that you have smoked pot can get you barred from the country for life, then many who have never been asked the question might be wondering what prompts a customs officer to pose the query in the first place.
That was certainly on the mind of Vancouver’s Alan Ranta, 35, a freelance music journalist, when he attempted to drive his Toyota Yaris hatchback from British Columbia to Washington state in July to cover the Cascadia music festival.
“[The U.S. border agent] didn’t like the look of our camping gear, I guess,” said Ranta. “He just asked us two questions: Where we were going, and if we were hiding anyone in the back.”
U.S. border agents searched his car and found a purse that read “weed money,” which Ranta says had never contained pot or money.
“I answered truthfully. I said I …

Apple be damned: the humble headphone jack has survived for more than a century

At its latest product introduction, Apple announced what for some seemed unthinkable (and for others inevitable): the next iteration of the iPhone would abandon the traditional 3.5-mm headphone jack.
Apple’s marketing chief Philip Schiller characterized it as a move requiring “courage,” and reaction was unsurprisingly mixed. 
But what made the 3.5-mm jack such a ubiquitous, universal standard?
To Francis Delage, store manager at Moog Audio in Toronto, it’s a classic case of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
“You don’t need to improve on it. It just works,” he told CBC News.
“We had one standard. You don’t need to make sure, when you buy something, that it’s the right connection, or you need to get something specialized to make it work. You just know it’s going to work.”

Operators work the switchboard of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company’s long-distance exchange, circa 1930. (Getty Images)

Tip, ring and sleeve

Canadian judge to rape accuser

In 2014, federal judge referred to accuser as ‘the accused’ throughout trial
He faces possible removal and says he didn’t understand sexual assault law

The supreme court of Canada. The Canadian Judicial Council is considering removing federal judge Robin Camp for discriminatory remarks during a trial in which he badgered the accuser and acquitted the accused.
Photograph: Chris Wattie/Reuters

A Canadian federal judge is facing possible removal for asking the accuser in a 2014 rape trial: “Why couldn’t you just keep your knees together?”
The Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) is determining the fate of justice Robin Camp, 64, who apologized …
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Canada-U.S. rivalry evident in physical World Cup of Hockey exhibition game as Team Canada wins 5-2

No one said, “Play nice.”Canada and the United States might be great friends and allies when it comes to international affairs, but when it comes to international hockey they get along about as well as North Korea and South Korea.There is something about the red maple leaf – this particular version more like a bleached marijuana plant – and the stars and stripes that seems to encourage bad behaviour.

Canada won Saturday night’s World Cup of Hockey exhibition match 5-2 over the Americans, thereby splitting their opening two practice outings.For 18,787 fans at Ottawa’s Canadian Tire Centre, however, …
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