CanadaTrudeau opens up about 'friendly-ish' call to Trump, near 'inedible' lunch in Paris

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in Montreal Friday morning where he paid a visit to his ol’ pal Terry DiMonte, the morning man on CHOM 97.7FM, the city’s classic rock radio station.The visit is an annual tradition that began years before Trudeau jumped into politics and one he has kept since becoming the country’s 23rd prime minister.The one-on-one sit-down isn’t intended to be a hard-hitting news interview so much as it’s a catch-up chat between long time friends.And yet, “it stresses my team to no end because they never know what I’m going to say when we’re together,” Trudeau said jokingly Friday morning.Trudeau, who is also the MP for the Montreal riding of Papineau, spent an hour in-studio discussing a wide range of topics and answering questions from loyal listeners.The prime minister, who said he still can’t get …

What to watch now that Amazon Prime Video is in Canada

It isn’t fair, dammit. That has to be what the Canadian broadcast competition is saying now that Amazon Prime Video is officially here.

Enjoyed for years in America, the UK and elsewhere, Amazon is a streaming service not unlike Netflix — it’s not just another competitor in an already crowded content field. It’s as if the NHL expanded with a new team and it was packed with all-stars.

Like Netflix, Amazon has courted and partnered with seasoned storytellers and is in business with the best. Canadians got a taste of what all the fuss was about when “Transparent” and “Mozart in the Jungle” were reasons to subscribe to Shomi. Once that streaming service served notice it was pulling the plug, the clock began ticking as to when Amazon would crack the Canadian market.

That day has arrived. First out of the gate is “The Grand Tour,” a reality motoring series starring …

Canada ratifies WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation

December 16, 2016 – Ottawa, Ontario – Global Affairs Canada

Canada took an important step today in its progressive trade agenda by ratifying the WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation (TFA). Canada is committed to a collaborative approach as we promote trade and investment.

The Minister of International Trade, the Honourable Chrystia Freeland, welcomed the fact that Canada’s ratification was officially accepted by the WTO today in Geneva, Switzerland.

The TFA will lower trade costs by modernizing and simplifying customs and border procedures. Canadians stand to save up to $16 billion thanks to the reduction in bilateral trade costs following full implementation of the TFA. By enabling trade reforms, the TFA will create an environment that is easier for small and medium-sized businesses, and particularly developing countries, to participate in international trade and global value chains.


‘Canada is delighted to ratify the trade facilitation agreement. When the costs of trade are reduced, more …

M0’ and more: How the inconspicuous M0851 became a leader in Canadian fashion

Inside a nondescript building in Montreal’s hip Mile End neighbourhood, a 30-year-old fashion powerhouse hums along. M0851, which specializes in the production and sale of full-grain leather bags, accessories and outerwear, has quietly outpaced many of its counterparts to become one of Canada’s fastest-growing fashion companies. In 2016 alone, in-store sales have risen 53 per cent, and e-commerce is up 120 per cent over last year. From its head office, where more than 90 per cent of its products are made, M0851 manages a retail presence close to home, with stores in Toronto, Vancouver and New York, and abroad, including Madrid, Hong Kong and Tokyo, as well as exporting to over 30 countries. The roaring global success and recent growth acceleration of the otherwise discreet brand is even more remarkable considering its founder, Frédéric Mamarbachi, never intended to capture much of a stake in the international leather goods industry, worth over $62-billion.

While …

Your house was likely built with Canadian lumber, and it’s reigniting a trade war

Posted Dec. 16, 2016, at 7:10 a.m. Last modified Dec. 16, 2016, at 3:08 p.m.
A wave of cheap imports is threatening jobs in Maine. Only, they aren’t coming from China or Mexico but from the forests of our largest trading partner: Canada.
For years, the U.S. lumber industry has alleged that Canadian producers have an unfair advantage because they harvest most of their wood from publicly owned forests, where they pay cheaper prices to cut timber. When that wood, primarily used to build houses, is unloaded in the U.S. market, it hurts local lumber manufacturers who employ thousands across Maine.
“All that wood coming across the border depresses prices, forcing producers to sell their wood at cheaper prices or shut down,” Eric Kingsley, a forest industry consultant and vice president of Innovative Natural Resources Solutions in Portland, said.
The U.S. Lumber Coalition is fighting back, again, making good last …

Will Canada's newest air travel company take off?

Canada’s newest travel company NewLeaf is ready to take off on Saturday from Calgary to destinations like Hamilton, Halifax, Moncton and Abbotsford.
The travel broker uses a model similar to Ryanair and easyJet in Europe — only a seat and a seatbelt is offered with the base fare.
If you want to check a bag, bring a carry-on, choose your seat or board early you have to pay extra for that as none of the services are bundled.
“There’s 1.1 million people here and I think some of them are looking to be able to travel if the price is right and I hope that we brought the right price for them,” said Jim Young, president and CEO of NewLeaf.
He says Canada is the only country that doesn’t have a low cost carrier option and the goal is to force fares downward.
NewLeaf uses three Boeing 737 400  planes operated by Kelowna’s Flair …

You'll never know how much sugar was added and how much is there naturally on Canada's food labels

There are 152 ways to say “sugar” on a food label. It can be called isomaltulose, agave, barley malt, sorghum or brown rice syrup, even potato syrup solids.
All of those obscure synonyms will be listed in one convenient place on the food label, behind the word “sugar,” as Health Minister Jane Philpott announced Wednesday.
But you will still never know how much of that sugar was deliberately added by the food processing industry and how much is just there naturally.
And in the first round of the great Canadian food label fight, that is a victory for the food industry.
Consumers, health professionals, even the provincial and territorial governments, had wanted labelling of added sugars. 
It’s all there in the document Regulations Amending the Food and Drug Regulations published in the Canada Gazette on Wednesday.
“The proposal to declare the amount of added sugars in the Nutrition Facts table was …

Canadian marijuana companies look to get creative with brand building

By Leah Schnurr

Canadian marijuana firms, facing potential limits on advertising for recreational pot, are selling health food products and cultivating a lifestyle image to win customers in an anticipated multibillion dollar market.Canada is set to become the first G7 country to legalize recreational marijuana nationally when it introduces legislation next spring. Medical marijuana is already legal.If the government incorporates an expert panel’s recommendations, outlined on Tuesday, it could strictly limit advertising and require plain packaging on products.That means companies will need to be creative to set themselves apart from the competition, with the advantage going …
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Two Canadian gold miners shuffle top ranks

TORONTO (Reuters) – Two Canadian gold miners shuffled their executive ranks on Friday, as Goldcorp Inc promoted a senior vice president to replace Chief Operating Officer George Burns, hired by Eldorado Gold Corp as chief executive officer.

The shake-up came as a number of global mining CEOs are at or nearing retirement age amid a shortage of top talent with the right skills and experience to steer the sector out of troubled times.

Burns, the COO of Goldcorp since 2012, will take leadership of Eldorado in April from Paul Wright, who had been appointed president and CEO in 1999. Wright will become …
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